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Speech Therapy

Our Speech / Language Services Include

  • Neurological Rehabilitation: We provide highly experienced clinicians to treat those who have any impairment of their written or verbal communication abilities following a stroke, head injury, or onset of a neurological disease. We develop a treatment plan with you to meet your needs and goals. We also encourage you to involve your family in both the treatment planning and home-based activities.
  • Pediatric Speech / Language Delay or Disorder: We offer outpatient services for children who have delays in speech development or verbal language abilities, and/or specific disorders in any communication skill (e.g. articulation, verbal expression, receptive language). Strong family participation is an integral part of every treatment plan.
  • Communication for Post-Tracheostomy Adults: Our skilled clinicians are able to evaluate individual needs and abilities of those who have long-term tracheostomies that have impaired their use of speech. Augmentative communication options are explored in keeping with your abilities and needs.
  • Adult Voice Disorders: Evaluation and therapy for the improvement and preservation of the voice is available for those who have functional, organic, or neurological etiologies. We work with you to develop treatment plans for optimum compliance and progress toward your desired vocal skills.
  • Laryngectomy Services: We evaluate your ability to use, or train you in the use of, the appropriate alarygeal device or method. Your preferences and goals for communication help us determine the optimal treatment direction for you.
  • Additional Services: We also provide services for fluency disorders and offer speech therapy using the Language Care Center “Lingraphica” Program.

For more information about all of Good Samaritan’s rehabilitation services, call (408) 559-2377.