Good Samaritan Hospital is currently seeking friendly volunteers to serve at Good Samaritan Hospital and our Mission Oaks campus. Our goal is to enhance the patient experience by offering kind, compassionate, non-clinical assistance to staff, patients and visitors. It is a rewarding experience if you plan a career in healthcare, or simply have time and would like to give back to the community.

Steps to becoming a volunteer:

You must be at least 18 years of age and able to commit to at least one year of service; however, you are welcome to stay longer. Typically, volunteers are assigned to and serve a weekly 2-4 hour shift. Some volunteer in multiple services.

You must be vaccinated for COVID-19 and wear a mask (provided) while inside hospital.

  1. Apply by submitting completed application below
  2. Interview – Once application is reviewed, you’ll be contacted within two weeks. Interviews will take place in person, or by phone or WebEx.
  3. Attend Basic Training/Orientation – if accepted, you’ll attend a 2-hour orientation, including volunteer dos/don’ts, safety and compliance, as well as info on next steps
  4. Criminal background check will be run after you are accepted and attend basic training
  5. Health Clearance – provide proof of following (after being accepted):
    1. COVID-19 vaccine/ booster
    2. Annual flu shot
    3. Immunity to Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella
    4. Tdap vaccine (Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis) within the past ten years
    5. TB test within past 6 months and annually once accepted

Once you’re fully cleared to start volunteering, you’ll be trained in your specific service area.

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Rules and Regulations:

  1. My services are donated to the hospital without contemplation of compensation or future employment and given with humanitarian, religious, educational or charitable reasons.
  2. I shall not sell or attempt to sell goods or services, request contributions, or solicit persons to sign or distribute political petitions on hospital premises, unless I receive the express authorization of the Director of Volunteer Services to engage in these activities.
  3. I shall submit to examinations, which may include chest x-rays, skin tests, appropriate laboratory tests and/or immunizations that may be necessary as part of my volunteer service. This also includes annual TB test and flu shot. I authorize the person(s) performing these tests/vaccinations to report the results to the hospital.
  4. I shall make my best effort to fulfill my commitment to the hospital by completing all assignments that I accept. I shall be friendly, punctual, respectful, and conduct myself with dignity, courtesy and consideration of others and strive to make my service professional in quality.
  5. I shall attempt to resolve any problems related with my volunteer activities with my supervisor and, if unsuccessful, attempt to resolve any such problems with the Director of Volunteer Services.
  6. I understand that the Volunteer Services Department reserves the right to terminate any volunteer status as a result of (a) failure to comply with medical center policies, rules and regulations; (b) absences without prior notification; (c) unsatisfactory attitude, work or appearance; or (d) any other circumstances which, in the judgment of the department manager or director, would make my continued services as a volunteer contrary to the best interests of the hospital.