Minimally invasive surgery in Santa Clara County

At Good Samaritan Hospital, we are proud to be a leader of robotic surgery in the Silicon Valley. With multiple robotic surgical systems available, our highly trained surgeons are able to perform a wide range of procedures. You can trust our hospital to be at the forefront of minimally invasive surgery techniques to improve recovery and surgical outcomes.

To learn more about the robotic surgery options offered at our hospital, call our Consult-A-Nurse® referral line at (888) 724-2362.

Types of robotic surgery we offer

Board-certified surgeons at our hospital are specially trained to perform common general surgeries as well as complex bariatric surgeries. Our other robotic surgery offerings include:

Spine surgery using robotic guidance

Our robotic system allows your spine surgeon or neurosurgeon to preplan your entire surgery with 3D imaging technology. This enables your surgeon to more safely address and treat conditions including:

  • Degenerative disk disease
  • Herniated disk
  • Scoliosis or curvature of the spine
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Stenosis
  • Vertebral fractures

Robotic orthopedic joint replacement

At the Silicon Valley Joint Replacement Center, our orthopedic surgeons use a robotic arm for joint replacement procedures, such as hip and knee replacements. During the surgery, your surgeon uses the robotic arm as a guide to ensure your implant is correctly placed and aligned.

Robotic gynecologic surgery

As part of our commitment to providing advanced women's care, we offer specialized robotic procedures for conditions of the female reproductive system. Some of the complex gynecologic procedures we offer include:

  • Hysterectomy
  • Oophorectomy
  • Ovarian cystectomy

Robotic urologic surgery

For delicate urology-related procedures, such as prostatectomies, robotic surgery often provides better outcomes than traditional surgery. With the robot’s precision, the surgeon can avoid surrounding tissues and nerves, including those affecting urinary control and sexual function.

Precision for cancer treatment

Our cancer treatment center offers nonsurgical outpatient treatment options that are almost pain-free and also offer reduced recovery time.

Although other radiosurgery systems treat tumors only in the head, our system has almost unlimited reach throughout the body. This means that we are able to remove tumors anywhere in the body, including the head, spine, lung, prostate, liver and pancreas. With pinpoint accuracy, the system targets the delivery of radiation to the tumor alone, sparing the surrounding healthy tissue.

Benefits of robotic surgery

Robotic surgery allows our surgeons to perform procedures with through a few small incisions. They use tiny instruments that bend and rotate far greater than the human wrist. The system translates the surgeons hand movements into smaller, more precise movements of the robotic instruments.

Robotic surgery offers many benefits over traditional surgery, including:

  • Faster recovery
  • Fewer complications
  • Less pain and bleeding
  • Less scarring
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Minimal trauma to surrounding tissues
  • Shorter hospital stay