Good Samaritan Hospital provides a comprehensive rehabilitation center located on our Mission Oaks campus. Our rehabilitation center is home to both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs, and provides cardiac rehabilitation.

The goal of our Inpatient Rehabilitation Program is to ensure you achieve your maximum functional independence and get home as quickly and safely as possible after injury or illness. Here you and your family will learn techniques to maximize your independence with activities of daily living and mobility. Our inpatient rehabilitation program is CARF accredited since 2008 as both a comprehensive intensive integrated rehabilitation program and as a stroke specialty program.

The goal of our Outpatient Rehabilitation Program is to ensure your transfer from inpatient to outpatient care, in order to continue your progress. We strive to help our patients with diseases, disabilities or injuries to improve function and alleviate the pain or fatigue they are suffering from.

Our cardiac rehabilitation program  is certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular Pulmonary Rehabilitation. We help people learn about their heart disease and make lifestyle changes in diet and stress management along with exercise that will keep them going and help them feel more confident.

For a referral or to schedule an assessment, please call (408) 358-5689.

What to expect

We provide all private rooms, therapy and classroom space and even a miniature apartment where patients and families can practice new skills before they return to their homes. The involvement of family or the patient’s local support network is very important to the rehabilitation process. Our program works with the patient’s family or local caregivers who can help with the therapeutic process so they can develop skills to support the patient in the hospital and after he or she comes home.

Therapeutic recreation

Therapeutic recreation is a type of therapy we utilize that involves patients partaking in recreational activities to help promote their health, well-being, confidence and independence. During this type of therapy, our patients are always assisted by a certified recreational therapist.
Our therapeutic recreation services include:

  • Wiihabilitation using Wii and Wii games
  • Pet therapy with specially trained companion animals
  • Outings that help patients reintegrate with the community
  • Adapting leisure activities
  • Social groups
  • Independent recreation such as music, movies or reading materials
  • Gardening, as well as arts and crafts groups