carf accredited

The Rehabilitation Center on our Mission Oaks Campus Helps you Live Life at Your Full Potential

The beautiful, relaxing Mission Oaks campus of Good Samaritan Hospital is home to both our Inpatient Rehabilitation Program and our Outpatient Rehabilitation Program as well as Cardiac Rehabilitation. 

The Goal of our Inpatient Rehabilitation Program is to ensure you achieve your maximum functional independence and get home as quickly and safely as possible after injury or illness.  We call our program Independence University.  Here you and your family will learn techniques to maximize your independence with activities of daily living and mobility.  Our Inpatient Rehabilitation Program is CARF accredited since 2008 as both a Comprehensive Intensive Integrated Rehabilitation Program and as a Stroke Specialty Program.  We have been recognized for the last 2 years for our Clinical Outcomes.  We are in the top 5% of Inpatient Rehabilitation Programs in the United States for our clinical outcomes which include the functional gains made and the percentage of patients discharged home instead of to another long term level of care like a SNF. 75% of our core RNs are Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses (CRRNs).  We are striving for 100%. 90% of our Physical and Occupational Therapists hold advanced certification in neurological such as NDT or Neuro IFRAH Certifications.

The Goal of our Outpatient Rehabilitation Program is to ensure that as you transfer from inpatient to outpatient in the continuum of care, you keep all the functional gains you made as an inpatient and to help you continue your progress.  Many of our patients are referred directly from their Physician office.  Our Goal in that case is to help people with injury or disability or disease remain at home as independent as they are, to continue to improve function, and to alleviate the pain or fatigue associated with their impairments.  All of our Therapists hold advanced certifications in specialty areas.  We have Certified Hand Therapists (CHT), Certified Lymphedema Therapists, Certified Vestibular Therapists, Certified NDT or Neuro IFRAH Therapists, LVST Certified Therapists, Therapists specialized in Infant Development, Therapists specialized in language delay, and other advanced or specialized skills. 

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is staffed with ACLS trained nurses.  We are certified by the American Association of CardioVascular Pulmonary Rehabilitation.  Our logo is “The Beat Goes On”.  We help people learn about their heart disease and make lifestyle changes in diet and stress management along with exercise that will keep them going and help them feel  more confident.