Our Occupational Therapy Services include:

  • Functional Re-Training: Our skilled clinicians teach you how to perform job and life tasks despite disabilities or illness to help you become more self-sufficient and help shorten your recovery time.
  • Neuro Rehabilitation: Experienced clinicians are available to evaluate and develop a treatment plan for you to meet your needs and goals in relation to identified impairments in Activities of Daily Living.
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation: Through the Silicon Valley Joint Replacement Center and our inpatient and outpatient services, we take a team approach to guide you to a successful post-op recovery.
  • Hand Therapy: A certified hand therapist is available to assess and treat any hand/wrist problems that interfere with your personal, work and community life.
  • Work Station Assessment & On-Site Job Analysis: As part of an ergonomic assessment, an occupational therapist can look at details of your job duties, responsibilities, and work area to determine if modifications to the job itself or the work area will allow successful completion of your work.
  • Splinting, Bracing, Adaptive Equipment: Our occupational therapists are trained to assess functional impairment and may use an adaptive tool, splint, or brace to help you regain a skill lost or impaired by illness or disability.

For more information about all of Good Samaritan's rehabilitation services, call (408) 559-2377.