Tobacco-free Campus

Effective 10/15/2014


Unless otherwise provided for in a labor agreement or other specific employment contract, this policy applies to all facility, agency, contract employees, students and volunteers. This policy also applies to all visitors, patients, guests, service contractors and DHPs.


In light of our mission to improve the health of our communities, this policy furthers our commitment to provide a safe, clean, and healthy environment for our patients, employees, visitors, and customers. It is intended to eliminate use of tobacco and smoke-related products on the defined properties thereby:

  • Reducing risks to those who use tobacco.
  • Reducing risks of second hand smoke for others.
  • Reducing the risk of asthma and other lung-related diseases.


Good Samaritan Hospital and Mission Oaks Hospital maintain a tobacco- and smoke-free campus. The use of tobacco and smoking products is prohibited while in these facilities or on the properties of Good Samaritan Hospital or Mission Oaks Hospital, including while in hospital-owned or leased vehicles. There are no designated smoking areas on the campus.


Use of tobacco is defined as use of any cigarette, cigar, pipe, and smokeless or other tobacco products. In addition, this policy also covers other non-tobacco related devices, such as e-cigarettes and vape-pens that do not use tobacco products but generate vapors that may contain nicotine or other components. It also strictly prohibits the use of other non-tobacco products, such as marijuana.


As of October 15, 2014 there will be no tobacco use or smoking on campus. All current and new employees will be notified of this policy. All patients will be informed of this policy as part of the admission process. This policy will be communicated to staff, visitors and patients through written communication as well as by appropriate signage posted at various locations around the facilities advising anyone who enters that tobacco use and smoking are not permitted in the hospital or on hospital property. Upon request, tobacco/smoking cessation information and assistance shall be provided to employees.


Good Samaritan Hospital and Mission Oaks Hospital management staff will accept responsibility for ensuring a tobacco- and smoke-free campus. It is the responsibility of every employee to support and comply with the Tobacco- and Smoke-Free Campus policy.

A. Management:

  1. The management staff is responsible for consistent application of this policy and the disciplinary process in their areas.
  2. Management should discuss the importance of this policy with their employees as it relates to patient care.

B. Employees:

  1. Employees may not use tobacco- or smoke-producing products while on hospital property.
  2. This policy does not mandate that employees stop smoking or using other tobacco products. Employees may continue to smoke or use other tobacco products as long as they do so off-property.

C. Patients:

  1. Patients shall be informed at the time of admission or assessment that Good Samaritan Hospital and Mission Oaks Hospital are tobacco- and smoke-free campuses and the use of these products is strictly prohibited while on hospital property.
  2. Patients should be offered information regarding tobacco cessation.

D. Visitors:

  1. Visitors may not use tobacco or smoke-generating products while on hospital property.

E. Enforcement:

  1. Violations of the policy by employees will be handled by the manager/director in accordance with the hospital’s progressive discipline policy.
  2. Visitor violations will be addressed through security and/or other hospital staff advising visitors of the hospitals tobacco- and smoke-free policy.
  3. Patient non-compliance will be addressed by politely advising the patient to comply with the policy.
  4. Continued non-compliance by visitors or patients will be escalated to security. Non-employees who demonstrate non-compliant behaviors after being provided with explanation of the policy guidelines may be restricted from access to facility services or premises.

Source: Department Manual - Administrative P&P, Reference Number ADM S-1