Da Vinci Prostatectomy - Jeff M.


Jeff Myers: Recovery Experience from Da Vinci Prostatectomy

It has now been 10 weeks since my prostate surgery and I couldn’t be happier to know I am cancer free. I have regained most of my erectile functions and would put my recovery at about 92% after a short ten weeks. I was up and feeling well just 60 hours after the operation. The catheter was in place for 10 days but once it was removed I felt great except for my incontinence, which to this day is the last area of concern. I have monitored my recovery using Mondays as my reference day. The first week I wore pads that needed to be changed about every 90 minutes. Today I wear the pad for precautionary reasons and it lasts the entire day. To this day I have a tendency to drip once in a while when I sneeze or cough but I suspect another week from now I’m 100%.

I was back to work 14 days after the surgery but I took it easy. I am proud to say I played 18 holes of golf 21 days after the surgery but again took it easy not to strain anything. I’m now able to travel and do anything without worry. The fear of having a surgery of this magnitude was minimized when I talked to others who have gone through this surgery. I was directed to use the Da Vinci method for the procedure, which led me to Dr. Gholami. Dr. Gholami is an expert in this field and I couldn’t be happier about the outcome and those he surrounds himself with at the office. I hope Dr. Gholami shares this information with any patient that might be worried or has concerns. If anyone would like additional information or someone to talk with before making a decision of this magnitude I please don’t hesitate to ask. I would love to talk with anyone who needs to know what to expect from this surgery. In the end, I look forward to living a long healthy life and helping others that carry the fear of cancer with them.