After cardiac surgery or a heart attack, rehabilitation can play a crucial role in your lifelong journey to better health. At Good Samaritan Hospital, our cardiac rehabilitation team works with you to determine the best treatment plan to help you get back to your daily activities. Our goal is to help reduce your cardiac risk factors and slow down or stop the progression of heart disease.

To learn more about our cardiac rehabilitation services, call (408) 559-2341.

Phases of cardiac rehabilitation

We are committed to providing excellence in heart care. Because of this, we are equipped to provide advanced rehabilitation services, both in the hospital and once you are discharged. Our program has two phases, each designed to get you and your heart healthy again.

Phase I of cardiac rehabilitation

Phase I of our inpatient cardiac rehabilitation program begins while you are still in the hospital. We work closely with you and your medical team to determine the best plan for you.

This may include:

  • Monitored mobility training
  • Nutritional information
  • Personal fitness program recommendations
  • Stress management techniques

Phase II of cardiac rehabilitation

After discharge from the hospital, your physician may prescribe our phase II outpatient rehabilitation program. During this 12-week program, you will come in 3 times per week for progressive exercise monitored by registered nurses. A physical therapist, dietician and medical director will also be available to provide education and rehabilitation services.

This may include:

  • A monitored fitness plan
  • Assistance in planning transition after rehabilitation
  • Education on reducing cardiac risk factors
  • Resources and guidance on support services in the community

What to expect during phase II

During your first visit, you will participate in an orientation of our program and answer a health history questionnaire.

On your second visit, you will complete a one-on-one evaluation. During this visit, we will also develop an individualized monitored exercise program.

During subsequent visits, the rehabilitation will be in a group setting, with no more than 12 participants and a nurse-to-patient ratio of 1:4. Your exercise plan will increase in difficulty based on your progress.

We also offer monthly classes during phase II exercise sessions. Topics include:

  • Cardiac medications
  • Nutrition for heart health
  • Overview of the heart
  • Stress management for a healthy life

Medical supervision during rehabilitation

In our structured program, nurses work closely with you to help you understand how you are progressing and what you can do to achieve your rehabilitation goals. You will also continue to be guided by your referring cardiologist.

After your discharge, we offer monthly monitored exercise sessions. This helps you and your doctor better understand the progress you are making during recovery. We will send a report to your cardiologist and/or primary care doctor.

Our rehabilitation gym

To help your heart get healthy again, we offer a rehabilitation gym. Our cardiac rehabilitation gym includes:

  • Air bicycles
  • Bicycles with vital sign measurement capability
  • Recumbent bicycles
  • State-of-the-art telemetry
  • Treadmills with vital sign measurement capability
  • Weight training equipment

Getting to outpatient cardiac rehabilitation

Our outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program is located on Good Samaritan Hospital’s Mission Oaks campus. We offer convenient parking and easy registration.

Our hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30am to 4:00pm. We are also open on Tuesdays for orientations and one-on-one evaluations.