Good Samaritan Hospital
February 10, 2022

Good Samaritan Hospital has a new chief medical officer, and he’s one of the hospital’s own. While Dr. Richard Briones is new to his leadership position, he’s been a familiar face at Good Samaritan Hospital for more than two decades.

“I have a 21-year commitment to this hospital and this community,” he said. “I’m delighted and very grateful to be part of the executive leadership team here at Good Samaritan Hospital. I want to be part of the transformative efforts in delivering care in this very challenging environment.”

A clinical anesthesiologist trained at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center, Dr. Briones also has been deeply involved in physician leadership, business development, practice management and clinical excellence development during his career. Now, he says, he’s excited for the chance “to apply those skills in my own home” at Good Samaritan Hospital.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to partner alongside the medical staff and the hospital staff to build a culture of excellence around the care we deliver to our community,” he said. “We have a tremendous opportunity to use all the resources we have as part of HCA Healthcare to be successful in providing the care that our community really expects and that we would be proud to deliver.”

His leadership style is influenced by his early career days as a high school teacher, bringing biology, chemistry, and trigonometry to life for his students. The experience imbued him with a passion for life-long learning; “having a commitment to always being a beginner is important to personal development and to the people around you”, he said.

He also believes in maintaining a focus on what he calls “one’s just cause.” At Good Samaritan Hospital it is a commitment to the care and improvement of human life for everyone in the community, keeping the patient at the center of everything we do.

“I have a vision that we will deliver outstanding care to this community and become a destination for care here in this community and beyond,” he said.