Good Samaritan Hospital now offers the CuddleCot system to the families of stillborn children thanks to the efforts of local mother Rebecca Makris. The CuddleCot helps families who are grieving the loss of a baby spend more time with their child. The system, manufactured by the U.K. based Flexmort, is comprised of a cooling pad that can be placed in any crib, and allows for several days of bonding time for families as they deal with their loss.

Makris has been raising money to purchase CuddleCots for hospitals in the Bay Area in an effort to honor the loss of her newborn son, Tucker, in 2015. After coordinating a successful 5K run in his honor and getting donations through her social network, she began working with the U.S. Cuddle Cot Campaign Initiative.

“Everybody is excited when a baby is coming, and it is such a shock to lose a child. With the CuddleCot, the whole family can get so much more healing time,” said Makris. “With each donation, I provide a personal note for the parents so they know there are people who will support them. Instead of feeling isolated and alone, you know that there are other people who have been through stillbirth.”

Makris wanted to donate a CuddleCot to Good Samaritan after her friends, Tami and Scott Augsburger, lost their daughter Calypso there. The device features a permanent plaque commemorating Tucker and Calypso, and a quote to help families who suffer a loss at the hospital. It reads, “Donated in loving memory of Tucker Graham Esquivel Makris to honor Calypso Ruby Augsburger. I carried you for every second of your life, and I will love you for every second of mine.”

“We are dedicated to treating all patients with compassion, and those who lose a child need the most compassionate of care as they deal with the ultimate loss,” said Joe DeSchryver, CEO of Good Samaritan Hospital. “The CuddleCot is a new technology that allows our obstetrics team to provide families with precious additional time to bond with their lost baby. We truly thank Rebecca Makris for generously donating the CuddleCot. Honoring her personal loss in this way will help so many families in the future.”

The CuddleCot comes in a blue chest with a book for grieving families. A hose connects a cooling unit to a mat underneath the baby, and allows the child to remain in a hospital room for up to five days. Parents and family members have more time to cuddle, take pictures, and say goodbye to their baby before the funeral. Without the CuddleCot, most families only have a matter of hours to spend with their child.
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