Good Samaritan Hospital
January 12, 2021

San Jose — Good Samaritan Hospital is pleased to offer COVID-19 vaccines to all eligible healthcare workers throughout Santa Clara County to help mass vaccination efforts in the fight against the deadly pandemic. In order to receive a vaccine, qualified health professionals will need to register ahead of time with the county.

"This is good news for our communities as we are committed to rolling out the vaccines to whomever is eligible as quickly as possible," says Anita Cox, interim chief nursing officer at Good Samaritan Hospital. "The sooner we inoculate everyone, the sooner we can put an end to the pain and suffering of our friends, family, neighbors and colleagues."

As of Sunday evening, Good Samaritan Hospital has administered 2228 of first doses to our front-line workers in order to ensure their health and safety and our collective ability to continue to care for our patients. Last week, the hospital begun offering the second of two required vaccine doses to our healthcare heroes.

Eligible health professionals throughout Santa Clara County who work in a variety of settings including behavioral health, laboratory, dental, dialysis, private practice and others must register on the Santa Clara County Public Health website attesting they meet state and federal criteria prior to receiving a vaccine.

"While the vaccines offer real hope for a healthier future, we still have to manage a significant increase of winter cases that is stressing our hospital ICU and bed capacity and taking a toll on our staff," says Good Samaritan CEO Joseph De Schryver.

Until the vaccines are widely available to the Santa Clara County community, De Schryver reminds everyone to remain vigilant with masking, social distancing and otherwise taking care of their health.