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Rehabilitation: What to Expect

When a patient first comes into our program, we conduct an evaluation to assess functioning in every area before we develop treatment objectives and specific plans for the patient. The patient and family meet with the treatment team to set short-term and long-term goals.

A typical day involves at least three hours of rehabilitation spread throughout the day. This can include physical, speech, occupational, or recreational therapies, individually or in small groups. We encourage patients to socialize during meal times with other participants. As a patient progresses, activities may expand to social or recreational outings in the community.

We offer all private rooms, therapy, and classroom space and even a miniature apartment where patients and families can practice new skills before they return to their homes. An interdisciplinary team creates individualized treatment plans that focus on family involvement to help patients reach their full potential.

Family Involvement

The involvement of family or the patient’s local support network is very important to the rehabilitation process. Our program works with a patient’s family or local caregivers who can help with the therapeutic process so they can develop skills to support the patient in the hospital and after s/he comes home.

A social worker coordinates all these efforts and is a key liaison. The patient and family will work with the team to plan for return to the community, including appropriate resources to help continue gains made while in the hospital.

How do I get started?

Talk with your physician. Good Samaritan Hospital accepts referrals from all sources. We provide a free pre-admission evaluation to determine if a patient is eligible for admission. We are usually able to schedule an evaluation within one day of a referral. All information is completely confidential.

For referral or assessment, call (408) 358-5689!