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Support for NICU Families

A Caring Community of Education, Services & SupportFamilies of infants who are born prematurely or with special needs face many challenges in addition to the health status of their children. The Auxiliary of Good Samaritan Hospital, a non-profit organization, created NICU ACCESS (A Caring Community of Education, Services and Support) to help NICU families spend more time with their babies, worry less, and develop the skills they will need when their children come home.

The Mission of NICU ACCESS is to support families of critically ill babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit by providing free services including home stays, transportation, food, child-care assistance, and in-unit educational resources, so that families are more able to focus on bonding with and learning to care for their infants.

Who does NICU ACCESS help?

  • A young mother whose baby was born prematurely. She doesn't drive and was unable to visit her critically ill infant on a regular basis. ACCESS provided rides for the two-hour round trip on a daily basis so this mother could spend time with her infant.
  • Parents from Gonzales whose baby was born without any muscle tone. Their baby cannot move or even swallow, has had pneumonia six times since he was born and needs ongoing evaluation in our follow-up program plus many doctor's appointments. His father is a farm worker, and he and his wife also have a 7-year-old child. At their last visit, the father was embarrassed to ask for any help, but acknowledged that they were hungry and badly needed a gas voucher, since he is not paid when he brings his baby for appointments because he is not at work. ACCESS provided gas vouchers and food.
  • A baby who often stopped breathing. Before her discharge, her parents were panicky because they could not afford the $50 for the CPR class they needed to care for her safely at home. ACCESS paid for their CPR class.
  • An infant whose spinal condition made it impossible for her to sit in a regular infant safety carrier. She required a special car bed for the six months before she could begin receiving corrective surgical treatments, and her parents could not afford the bed. ACCESS purchased the car bed for them.
  • A single mother from Stockton whose baby was discharged from the NICU but needs a series of medical treatments to enlarge her throat. ACCESS provided gas vouchers and a host home for the mother and her NICU "graduate".

ACCESS services are funded solely by donations. Donors help ACCESS support NICU families by providing:

  • $150 = CPR training for a mother and father, a car bed for their baby
  • $250 = 2 emergency nights at a local hotel
  • $500 = food for the family room for 1 month
  • $7200 = gas vouchers for 1 year, for all our NICU families

Get More Information About ACCESS

For more information, contact Shannon Hickok, ACCESS Service Chair at (408) 559-2395 or via email.

Tax deductible contributions may be mailed to:
The Auxiliary of Good Samaritan Hospital
2425 Samaritan Dr
San Jose, CA 95124