Helping You Get Back to Living Your Life

When you and your doctor agree that it's time for joint surgery, our San Jose hospital offers a comprehensive program designed to meet your individual needs. We focus on providing optimal outcomes in the shortest possible time.

If your doctor has determined that your joints are so damaged that they can no longer function the way they used to, or if you are experiencing unbearable pain that refuses to go away, even after medications or extensive therapy, you may be a candidate for joint replacement. Visit our call Good Samaritan Hospital to discuss your options!

What Makes Our Program Unique?

We give you pre-surgery education so you know what to expect prior to the process. We also begin your preparation for going home even before you enter surgery. Having this information beforehand is crucial not only for your own peace of mind but also so that you and your doctor remain on the same page about your procedure every step of the way.

Your joint replacement surgery experience will also include:

  • Care from board-certified orthopedic surgeons who specialize in joint replacement
  • A Joint Care Coordinator who will be beside you during every step
  • Multi-disciplinary team of nurses and physical therapists looking after you
  • Pain management techniques
  • Volunteer staff on hand that are committed to your comfort
  • Support and encouragement from family, friends, and personal coaches

Plus, while you are recovering, you can stay in our private rooms that have flat panel televisions, free Wi-Fi, and a beautiful view of the Silicon Valley. After your surgery, you can also take advantage of group therapy sessions and meet with other patients and their coaches to help you even further return to living a happy, healthy life. You can see why Good Samaritan Hospital has been acclaimed as one of the top for joint replacement surgery in both the state and the nation.

Improving Your Quality of Life at Our San Jose Hospital

Many of our patients can transition to living a normal life just 3 months after surgery. As the first joint replacement program in Northern California to be part of the Marshall | Steele network of top performing programs, we benchmark our results against 250 hospitals in the nationwide network. The data uncovered from these results has shown that 94% of our patients experience mild to no pain when walking, compared to 81% in other programs. Furthermore, our patients have been reported to go home sooner, averaging 2.72 days in the hospital versus 3.2 days in other treatment centers.

Good Samaritan Hospital should be your first choice to get on you on the road to recovering mobility and freedom from joint pain.