Our San Jose Hospital Is Fully Accredited

Good Samaritan Hospital's cancer registry ensures that our cancer program meets the strict requirements of the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. Our program also meets state and national reporting standards. This means that, as a patient, you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality care.

If you have a cancer diagnosis during your care, state law requires that we report this to the Cancer Prevention Institute of California. The data is collected to help identify preventable causes of cancer, develop strategies and policies for cancer treatment and control, and improve the quality of life of those living with cancer.

Information reported includes:

  • Details of the type of cancer and treatment provided
  • Patient's name, age, ethnicity, sex, occupation, religion, address, social security number and other demographic information
  • Survival outcomes

Reported information remains confidential and safeguards are taken to ensure a patient's identity will not be unlawfully released.

How Cancer Registries Assist with Fighting Cancer

Any data that is sent to the cancer registry can provide resources for scientists to either maintain or develop further research on the causes of cancer and possibly look for improved ways to treat cancer.

Furthermore, government agencies can use the information to allocate more money to public health funds, feature educational programs for the community, and evaluate how well current treatment practices are performing. Over time, the data is invaluable to study how cancer evolves.

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Our accreditation, complete dedication to your comfort and your needs, as well as our continued education and use of the most cutting edge technological achievements prove why our services are unparalleled in the region. Entrust us to give you the ultimate in cancer care.