Partial Breast Brachytherapy (also called partial breast irradiation) is a 5-day targeted radiation therapy. First, a lumpectomy and sentinel node mapping procedure is performed. If evaluation of the breast cancer pathology indicates favorable risk, a more focused area of the breast near the surgical site can be treated with accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) and high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy. The therapy is recommended for patients with early-stage breast cancers of up to 3 cm. or smaller with no involvement of lymph nodes

A customized catheter is placed into the lumpectomy cavity (the space after removal of the tumor) of the breast. This allows delivery of radiation that conforms to the breast tissue at risk while sparing healthy surrounding tissue in the area of the lumpectomy cavity. This technique only treats the target site and reduces radiation exposure to the surrounding skin, normal breast, ribs, lungs and heart.

The treatment can be performed in one week. Several studies have shown 5-day breast brachytherapy to be as effective as conventional treatment involving six weeks of daily external beam radiation therapy. Types of accelerated breast brachytherapy we perform include SAVI®, Mammosite® and CONTURA Multi-Lumen Therapy®.