Important Information

In this time of heightened awareness of COVID-19 exposure, we have restricted our visitor policy. Learn the current restrictions.

Having support from family and friends means a great deal to most patients. Our visitor policies balance that support with patients' needs for privacy, rest, and recovery.

General visiting hours are 9:00am - 8:00pm.

  • Patients may request that visitors be limited. Please observe any posted signs or instructions from staff about visitor limits.
  • Space in hospital rooms can be tight, and the sounds of many conversations add to noise.
  • No more than two people should visit a patient at one time.
  • Please don't wait in hallways. Wait in designated waiting areas or drop by the cafeteria.
  • If you have an active cold, flu, or other illness—or if you have recently been exposed to a communicable disease—please do not visit anyone in the hospital. This includes other visitors in contact with a patient.
  • Plan to keep any visit brief.
  • Always give patients privacy when they are involved in treatment, personal care, or conversation with a healthcare professional.
  • In shared rooms, extend this respect for privacy to the other patients.
  • Visitors in patient rooms must be at least 14 years old. An adult should plan to stay with all children under age 14 in a waiting area or the cafeteria.
  • Always observe any special precautions as described by the nurse. These special precautions may be to protect the patient or to protect anyone in contact with the patient.
  • We can accommodate overnight stays only in private rooms. Nursing staff must approve overnight stays in advance.

We allow after hours visiting in limited circumstances, usually when a patient is critically ill and perhaps nearing end of life. Nursing staff and the patient's physician will consult with family members about after hours visiting.