Parenting Support Services

Family Birthing Center Tours

We invite you to tour Good Samaritan’s family birthing center and the Mother-Baby suites. Please call 408-559-BABY to register. No fee.

Mom and Baby

Parenting & Breastfeeding Services

Visit our website to register:
408-559-BABY or 1-800-539-2229

Parenting Support Services

Congratulations! You’re having a baby…

When you come to Good Samaritan Hospital for Maternity Care, you know you’re getting the very best.

Our Parenting and Breastfeeding Services team offers everything from childbirth preparation classes to new mothers' support groups and baby care classes designed with your needs in mind. The program instructors are health professionals with extensive experience, a commitment to excellence, and dedication to their work and to you.

Please come join us. Because when it comes to caring for you and your baby, our parenting programs are the best place to start.