Family-Centered Pediatrics Unit

Parents, siblings and other family members play a big role in the health and recovery of pediatric patients. That’s why our Pediatrics Unit uses a model of family-centered care. Our Pediatrics Unit has all private rooms with full en suite bathrooms plus a chair that converts to a comfortable single bed so one parent can be with your child at all times. In-room dining is available for parents at a nominal fee so you can enjoy meal-time with your child. For children on the road to recovery, a near-by playroom offers your child and you a break from the hospital routine.

Most importantly, our specially trained nurses, respiratory therapists, clinical technicians, case managers and social workers are devoted to the care of your child, from infancy to age 17. We work in partnership with your family and your physician to meet your child’s psycho-social and developmental needs, as well as medical needs. Throughout your child’s hospitalization, parental involvement and education for a safe and comfortable transition to home is an important part of what we do.

The Pediatric Unit is secured for the safety of our patients. Visitors ring for entrance. We ask that visitors are limited to two at a time. For infection control purposes, children who are not siblings of the patient cannot visit in Pediatrics. Because of widespread latex allergies, latex balloons are not allowed on the unit.

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Pediatric patients with critical illness or complex medical conditions may be cared for in our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. This specialized unit provides advanced capacities and increased nursing resources to meet the needs of critically ill children. Patient needs require that visitor policies for this unit are more stringent than the main Pediatrics Unit. Your PICU team will advise you on the specific requirements for visiting PICU patients.

Children’s Surgery Center

Pediatric patients are not just smaller adults. Their surgical needs are different from adult needs, so our Children’s Surgery Center has been designed specifically for pediatric patients. Whether your child is coming in for an out-patient procedure or is an in-patient, you will find the Children’s Surgery Center team prepared to ease your child’s anxiety (And perhaps your own!), make special preparations for your child’s comfort and creative in their approach to your child’s unique needs.

All nurses in Pediatrics are certified in Pediatric Advanced Life Support.