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Cardiac Catheterization

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Cardiac Catheterization

Our Cardiac Catheterization Lab, nationally recognized as one of the top 10 labs in the HCA 180-hospital system, performs more than 3,000 cardiac procedures a year - more than any other community hospital in the Santa Clara Valley. Our lab's special digital imaging equipment enables us to diagnose and treat blocked arteries with a wide range of minimally invasive, state-of-the-art procedures.

Our cardiologists are leaders in the rapidly changing field of cardiac medicine, always striving to keep abreast of the latest in cardiac treatment so that our patients receive the highest level of care possible. Just recently, Good Samaritan was honored as the first community hospital-based catheterization lab in the county to implant the new "drug-eluting stent," a device coated with a substance that helps keep an artery from re-clogging - a common problem in traditional stenting methods.

To find a Good Sam San Jose doctor specializing in Cardiac Care call our physician referral line at 888-724-2362

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  • David  Chang, MD <br>

    David Chang, MD
    2512 Samaritan Court, Suite E
    San Jose, CA 95124

  • 175 North Jackson Avenue Suite 111
    San Jose, CA 95116

  • Ada A Koransky, MD <br>

    Ada A Koransky, MD
    2505 Samaritan Dr. Suite 404
    San Jose, CA 95124

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    Durga Madala, MD
    2516 Samaritan Dr. Suite A
    San Jose, CA 95124

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    San Jose, CA 95126