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Cancer Registry

Good Samaritan Hospital's Cancer Registry ensures that our cancer program meets the strict requirements of the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. Our program also meets state and national reporting standards. This assures our patients that they receive the highest quality of care.

For patients who have a cancer diagnosis during their care at Good Samaritan Hospital, state law requires that we report this to the Northern California Cancer Center. The data is collected to help identify preventable causes of cancer, to develop strategies and policies for cancer treatment and control, and to improve the quality of life of individuals living with cancer. The information reported includes details of the type of cancer and treatment provided; the patient’s name, age, ethnicity, sex, occupation, religion, address, social security number and other demographic information; and survival outcomes. This reported information is confidential and safeguards are taken in the system to ensure a patient’s identity will not be unlawfully released.

Patients with cancer also may be eligible to participate in a clinical trial. Cancer treatment clinical trials are research studies designed to find better ways to treat cancer. Clinical trials often compare the most accepted cancer treatment (standard treatment) with a new treatment doctors hope will be better. Clinical trials test many types of treatment, such as new drugs, new approaches to surgery or radiation therapy, new combinations of treatments, or new methods such as gene therapy. What doctors learn in these trials helps people with cancer now and in the future.

TrialCheck, the nation's premier searchable database for cancer clinical trials, is now available through the American Cancer Society (ACS) web site ( ) and its 24-hour National Cancer Information Center (1-800-ACS-2345), giving millions of cancer patients quick access to clinical trial matches for their diagnosis and locale. All users receive an information packet from the ACS which includes summaries of protocols returned in search results. Patients can also save their searches and send them via e-mail to themselves or others for their personal use. These combined features allow users to continue to bridge the gap between patients seeking treatment options through clinical trials and the researchers who provide those clinical trials.

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